That was yesterday 2

That was yesterday 2

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jeudi 15 octobre 2015

Hammock ~ Slow Meadow (Full Album) With bonus tracks!

Hammock ~ Slow Meadow (Full Album) With bonus tracks!

This is the Limited Edition version of this album with 5 extra tracks included! Only 100 of the slow meadow limited edition album were made. So this version is already very rare to get. all the original tracks are included. sorry this took so long i had to find some one to rip the vinyl part of the cd and i had a hard time finding pictures that matched the music. a lot of the pictures had been modified to better match the song.
this is problably one of hammocks saddest album in my opinion.

You can purchase the standard album here. (digital or CD official site)

Song listing (these are all the tracks on the standard release)
0:00 Linen Garden part 1
6:45 A distant glow
11:01 On a Bed of Green Blades
14:10 A Farewell Sonata
21:51 Crown of Amber Canopy
27:50 Grey Cloud Lullaby
32:24 Blue Rose on a Windowsill
37:58 Summer Vigil
41:45 Every Mournful Breath
48:45 The Grandeur of a Modest Moment
55:38 Linen Garden Part 2 (Featuring Hammock)

Bonus music (from limited edition album)
1:02:03 a small balloon and a great mountain
1:11:04 intro to crown of amber canopy
1:17:32 lonesome summer
1:22:05 The ides of autumn (vinyl version)

This last one was on the blu ray title intro. included in the package. It has no name.
1:25:07 ????? (unknown)

so there are actually 5 bunus track cause if you looked at the site it saids 4 bonus tracks are included.